Connecting like-minds

Kaliido's mission is simple, and that is to be the premier gay lifestyle community platform of choice for individuals, who are looking for distinguished experiences and meaningful interactions. Kaliido is disrupting the gay online space by breaking the mould by helping guys to connect meaningfully.

Kaliido is focused on connecting gay men of like-mind based on a vast range of lifestyle interests. Whether your interests are travel, theatre, sports, fine-dining, politics, cooking, or other - Kaliido makes it easy for you to connect with others just for that reason. 

Kaliido is a place where guys can connect online on a social, non-confronting level to find local events and activities in your area. We then help to encourage the off-line meet-ups so that individuals can connect with these interesting people, then return back on-line to share your experiences.

Whether you're single, in a committed relationship, or travelling to a new city or a new country and looking to connect with like-minds, Kaliido makes it easy to connect with other individuals like yourself, as well as local events all across the globe.

Member Services and Support

  1. Help section The best way to help yourself is to look in the Help section. This answers our most frequently asked questions and will help you to use all Kaliido's resources.
  2. Contact form If you cannot find any solution in Help or in the Forum, and would like to contact Kaliido Support, you can submit a query using the contact form.

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