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Kaliido is the first gay social lifestyle network for meaningful connections. Kaliido provides the community with opportunities for each person to share their passions and lifestyle and connect with other like-minds via events, activities, and sweet collaborations.

The Kaliido Ambassador program is made up of national and regional Chief Ambassadors, each with their own team of Ambassadors. The program is designed to empower a network of active and sociable individuals who play a vital role in the promotion of Kaliido to both prospective users, as well as lifestyle and community partners.

Kaliido Ambassadors has been designed to fit into your daily life. In a nutshell, Ambassadors are the influencers of our community, and set the example for other Kaliido members as far as how to leverage Kaliido to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Kaliido Ambassador program caters equally to a person who is more outgoing and extroverted and enjoys rallying people together, as well as a person who is more introverted and enjoys contributing to activities and socialising with small groups of people. Acceptance into the Ambassador program is by invitation and application, so that the integrity of the program is always maintained.

The Kaliido Ambassador program comprises of two types of Ambassadors, which are Chief Ambassadors and General Ambassadors:

  • Chief Ambassadors are individuals who are natural leaders and enjoy rallying people together. Each Chief works with their own group of General Ambassadors and meets a broader list of responsibilities. As Chiefs are also Ambassadors, they too comply to the General Ambassador guidelines
  • General Ambassadors are the voice and embodiment of Kaliido, and believe in Kaliido’s values and vision, because these values and vision align and resonate with them. Ambassadors’ main goal is to bring like-minded gents of the community together to share in meaningful interaction.


Kaliido’s Core Values

Kaliido is committed to running a values-based company that helps to form our Kaliido Culture. These values are: Respect, Integrity, Connection, Happiness, and Substance. We apply these core values in everything that we do, especially when it comes to hiring new team members, recruiting new Ambassadors, embarking on cool and relevant partnerships, and conducting reviews of any kind.


Ready to become a Kaliido Ambassador?

We’re currently adding Kaliido Ambassadors in multiple key regions. So, if you think you're Ambassador material, we’d love to chat to you about joining us.

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