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Maybe you’re a prominent, forward-thinking brand who’s keen to bring your products and services to the LGBT market. Partnering with a LGBT brand who is prudent about their image, such as Kaliido can bring you new customers and would give you a competitive edge. By partnering with a distinguished brand such as Kaliido, this would add value to your brand image because it demonstrates your support for the LGBT audience.

Or perhaps you’re a community-based organization, such as a business association, or a club. Why not introduce Kaliido to your members? You’ll be giving your members the ability to connect on a deeper social level via Kaliido, and you'll also be opening yourself up to new members in your area, and since you're part of a global network, your members can visit other organizations while travelling. That’s even more value for your member-based organization, with very little work from you.

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We’re currently adding value to a growing number of global companies and organizations. So, if you think there’s something we should be working on together, we’d love to chat to you about it.

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